About Me

QbMZ4wY5Howdy! My name is Mark O’Brien. I’d write this bio in third person, but I’m the one doing it so that’d be pretty weird.

I’m a writer represented by Heather Flaherty at The Bent Agency. My young adult contemporary romances feature queer protagonists who in their spare time are angsty—not about their queerness; more because they’re, like, seventeen. Have you ever been seventeen? Then you know.

I’m also an editorial intern at Entangled Publishing. In the past, I’ve interned with Stonesong and another literary agency in New York City.

I’m a dog/coffee/night/glass-half-full person. I have anxiety and depression and a love for people and an unending sense of optimism. I am just the gayest. I was once literally applauded by a small group of strangers at a diner for ordering salad. I love bad pop music more than is considered appropriate. I wear mismatched socks because I think it’s lucky. I take my coffee with three creams and two sugars because everyone has a flaw so please stop judging me. I probably love you for reading all of this tomfoolery.

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