About Me

QbMZ4wY5Howdy! My name is Mark O’Brien. I’d write this bio in third person, but I’m the one doing it so that’d be pretty weird.

I’m a writer represented by Heather Flaherty at The Bent Agency. My young adult contemporary romances feature queer protagonists who in their spare time are angsty—not about their queerness; more because they’re, like, seventeen. Have you ever been seventeen? Then you know.

I’ve also interned with Stonesong, Entangled Publishing, and a literary agent.

I’m a dog/coffee/night/glass-half-full person. I have anxiety and depression and a love for people and an unending sense of optimism. I am just the gayest. I was once literally applauded by a small group of strangers at a diner for ordering salad. I love bad pop music more than is considered appropriate. I wear mismatched socks because I think it’s lucky. I take my coffee with three creams because everyone has a flaw so please stop judging me. I probably love you for reading all of this tomfoolery.


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